Ever since my father handed down his old "pop up" style retro Yashica-A camera to me, I've been fascinated with photography.  I can't recall a time that I've ever stopped shooting and soon was given his old 35mm Ricoh XR-10.  This camera was a beast and had all sorts of cool dials and numbers on it.  Of course I had no idea what any of those numbers or letters (L, A, B, TV, AP) meant, so I just played around and tried setting after setting and then of course, waited until the film got developed to see my results.  Some were good and some were.........well, not good!  Thats how I learned........by trial and error and a lot of money on film (thanks mom and dad)!


In my 20's, and first credit card, I graduated to my own purchase of a 35mm Pentax MZ-50.  Wow, this thing was top of the line and it was at this point, I really dug in and started to hon in on my skills.  Self taught?  I guess that can be said, but to me, there's no better way to learn photography than to start with film.  Of course the days of film are pretty much over with now, but that doesn't mean there aren't other great methods and ways to learn!  I still have those old cameras and will never give them up!  


Today, I shoot with a 42mp Sony A99ii, 24mp Sony A77ii, 42mp Sony A7riii and a 20mp DJI Phantom 4 pro drone.  All cameras are paired with Professional Carl Zeiss and G-Master Lenses.  Nature/Wildlife and Landscapes are my passion but if I'm unleashed in a city, the shutter never seems to stop clicking.  In other words, I don't focus on just one thing.......no pun intended.    


People are always asking me what is "MMAD"?  Well, I was inspired and could never stop taking pictures of them when they were little, so I dedicate this site to my MMAD.............Matthew, Megan, Alexis and Danyelle!


Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the look through my eye!


"Focus on the capture...........not the edit"